Where is your Bible?

Where is your Bible?

My Bible

marking-in-your-bibleThis is how I want my Bible to look like. This is how I want my children to remember my Bible. And this is how I want their Bible to look like.

As Christians, we are called to learn and study the word of God. Like I say, reading the Bible is close to learning a second language. We are learning the language of God. The language of God will guide our lives and also transform it. We are called to meditate on it day and night (Joshua 1:8) We are called to follow the word (Psalm 119: 105). And the word will become sweet as honey to us (Psalm 119:103).

However, how many of our uphold the word in this way?
How many of us read the Bible, as a reflection of our love toward God?

My Mother’s Bible 

Have you ever heard of this song called the “Mother’s Bible.” This song is very popular in Korea. However, it was hard to find the original.

I don’t know if you heard this song before, but I am sure you might resonate to the lyrics.

I remember how precious the Bible was for my Grand Father (Mother’s side) and Grandmother (Father’s side).
My Grand Father is the one who taught me to read Proverbs every day, according to the date. He would not let the Bible touch the ground or even have something on it (Oh boy, I remember that they I put a soda can on top of a Bible).
I remember how my grandmother read a combination of Korean/Chinese, and also a Japanese Bible. She always had the Bible on her head rest and read the Bible every day.
My mother always read the Bible on our dining table. She woke up early to read the Word, as she drank her morning coffee.

When I became a father, I wondered if I am setting the same example for our children.
At that time, I started using an Ipad for my Bible, but when I saw our kids being more fond of the iPad, I decided to buy a Bible.
I’m still working on it, but I want to leave a legacy like my grandparents and parents.

My Mother’s Bible Lyrics

There’s a dear and precious Book,
Though it’s worn and faded now,
Which recalls those happy days of long ago,
When I stood at mother’s knee,
With her hand upon my brow,
And I heard her voice in gentle tones and low.
Refrain Blessèd Book, precious Book,
On thy dear old tear stained leaves I love to look;
Thou art sweeter day by day, as I walk the narrow way
That leads at last to that bright home above. (For the full lyric click here)

Having Your Own Bible and Carrying it to Church is Important

I believe we need to have our own Bible, where we can write notes, color our favorite verses, and put question marks to the parts we don’t understand to ask me, as your pastor, or others.
This is one reason to bring your Bible to church. So you can meditate (chew on the word), and hear and write what God wants to say to you. There was an article about Bringing Bible to church. Click for more

Furthermore, bringing a Bible to church becomes a statement of our faith and trust of the word.

This coming Sunday, we are giving out Bibles for our 2nd graders. It is important for them to have their own Bible. But if we give out the Bible and they see no one carrying the Bible to church, yet alone no one reading it at home, how can we set a good example for them.

So this is your time to pick up your dusted Bible and read and carry it with you to church.

Carrying the Bible doesn’t make us conservative Christians!

I don’t have a Bible

Oh~ No!!! I don't have a Bible!
Oh~ No!!! I don’t have a Bible!

What happens if you don’t have a Bible. Here are a couple of tips on Choosing your own Bible.

  1. Size: Size matters depending on how big you need the fonts to be, or how easily you want to carry it around. I recommend putting a priority on the font, and some space to write notes. Once you are attached, size doesn’t really matter. 
  2. Translation: Untied Methodist Church doesn’t have an official translation. Members are recommended to use the translation fitting their needs.  However, for most Bible study published by UMC, they use either NRSV (New Revised Standard Version) or the CEB (Common English Bible). I like reading a traditional translation and a contemporary translation. That is why I use a Parallel Bible, which has both NIV (New International Version) and The Message.
    Cokesbury offers a Bible Translation Guide to compare translations. Or watch the video below.
  3. Design: If you are like me, the design of your Bible is essential. Paper bag Bibles will easily tear. Hard bag books will be difficult to carry along. That is why I recommend leather bound Bibles. There are many colorful Bible cover designs.

This Sunday, following worship, the church will invite Cokesbury to bring some Bibles for our members to purchase.

They will offer a nice discount for all members who need a new Bible.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to make my own Bible.