Thanksgiving Dinner at Raleigh Court UMC

Thanksgiving Dinner at Raleigh Court UMC

I will never forget the Thanksgiving dinner my wife and I experienced in 2004. We had recently arrived in the States to start my studies at Wesley Theological Seminary. We had only been in the States for two months, so even though we knew what Thanksgiving was, we weren’t aware of what happened during this time. When the holiday came around, we came to learn that we didn’t have many options to go out and eat. The dormitory was empty from all who went back home, and we were in our house with no plans. Until our senior pastor, now our Bishop, called us and invited us to his families’ Thanksgiving dinner.

When we arrived at his house, we realized that we were not the only ones invited. There were more than 3 other families who were invited to his house. All of them recently came to the States and didn’t have any family members in the country. Our family still does not have anyone to visit during this time. But we also know that this busy holiday can be hard for some people in the community. So after the Thanksgiving of 2004, we decided to invite people who didn’t have a certain place to go on that night. We would like to continue this tradition with the help of our congregation. We would like to have a community Thanksgiving dinner held in the church fellowship hall at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day. So, on behalf of our church, we would like to invite you Thanksgiving dinner, with the help of our congregation.

Chinese Letter of 십시일반

Let me introduce you to a Korean saying, 십시일반. It means, ‘Ten spoons can make one meal.’ I under‐ stand that most families make plenty of food on Thanksgiving. What if each family from our congrega‐ tion drops off some of the food from their Thanksgiving dinner at church? I believe that we will have enough food to feed the people at this dinner at church. And through this love and support of our congregation, I believe that we will see how God will multiply and grow our love. Who knows, we might experience the miracle of five loaves of bread and two fishes, in this community

Thanksgiving Community Dinner 

Join us by dropping off food

We especially need some helpers for clean up!