Stewardship Sunday – November 2017

Stewardship Sunday – November 2017

We will celebrate our Stewardship Sunday on November 19th. I hope you noticed that we are making some changes. We will still have a Stewardship Sunday Pot-luck, after the 11:00 am service, as a fellowship and collect pledge cards. However, we are turning away from the campaign mode, in our effort to ‘meet the budget.’

It is true that we are in need to ‘meet the budget.’ As much as we are a living organism, we are also an organization. For an organization to ‘function,’ there are bills we need to pay, for us to, continue God’s mission. Therefore, it was a common practice of our churches to present ‘the budget for the next year and plea to the congregation to commit and join the work of the church.’ And this strategy worked in various ways.

As you might remember, I come from a culture where the church did not have Stewardship Sundays. We did, however, have individual campaigns, when the church needed to execute a specific project, but it will not occur unless the goal meets the minimum $500,000 requirement. We talk, however, about our Christian mandate to tithe.

Tithing is giving 10% of your income, to God FRIST. It is a proclamation saying, ‘All I earn comes from God, and by offering 10% to God first, we announce that it is yours.’ It’s not because God needs our money, but strictly because God needs our heart. And I can concur with David Ramsey who says, “Tithing was created for our benefit.” When we tithe, we become free from money.

Tithing is a visual outcome of our commitment to our Lord. And when we see all the people of God announcing their devotion to God and God’s mission compiled, we will be able to see how God works through everyone’s commitments.

Therefore, I challenge you to be part of this journey of being free from money. For a person who hasn’t tithed before, it will be a process. Taking baby steps is appropriate. What if you increase your giving, 1% a year, in ten years you will be able to tithe. If you raise your annual giving to the average rate of growth, which might be 2-2.5% a year, you can shorten that process to 4-5 years. However, I like overachievers, who might start this year and see how God changes their life, in a year.

I can share the joy of being a tither all my life, and I want to invite you to experience the joy that you can have. If you have more questions about tithing, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, we have a fabulous way to assist you in this process, as we are planning to offer ‘Financial Peace University’ this coming January. So let us know if you are interested!

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’

We would like to see how the collected commitment of our congregation can be used bring life, into this world. I pray that we will have ‘Big Dreams’ of what God will do in this world, as we offer our hearts to God. As we come together, let us see how God uses our community of faith to transform the world.