Stewardship Campaign 2016

Stewardship Campaign 2016

Stewardship 2016 Promo Video

Loving God with THANKS-GIVING

Welcome to Raleigh Court United Methodist Church Stewardship Campaign Pledge Page.

Raleigh Court Untied Methodist Church was established in the Grandin Court area 95 years ago. Since 1921, we strived to be a congregation called to serve the need of this community and the purpose of God. Every year, our stewardship campaign has been a time for us to rethink about our spiritual relationship with God and our relationship with money. God asked us to be faithful stewards of the resources God gave us. As stewards, we give back to God, a portion of what God gave us to participate in God’s mission through the church.

We are not giving to the church. We are giving to God. As faithful stewards, we are invited to participate in God’s mission to serve this community.

This theme of our Stewardship Campaign is ‘Loving God with THANKS-GIVING.’ Join us in this time to count our blessings, and experience how God includes us in God’s mission, through our giving.

Consecration¬†Sunday will be held on November 20nd, 2016, during both ¬†the 8:30am and 11am worship service. We ask that you bring your pledge card to our worship service where you will be invited to bring it forward so we can consecrate everyone’s estimates of giving for 2017.

You may also dedicate your givings online. Fill out the form below, and an automated email will be generated to our church. All emails will be printed for the day of consecration, so you will be able to bring your offering to God.

Thank you once more for joining us in this time of Thanks-giving.

May God continue to bless us, as we become a blessing to this World.

Pledges for 2016

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Stewardship Testimony

John Pero shares his thoughts and experience about our commitment to God’s mission. “Okay God, I’m turning my hands up” – John Pero


    Stephanie Dickenson

    I read this quote from Mark Battersea
    today and I thought I’d share it with you: “Most people spend more money as they make more money… but there is a way to master your money instead of letting money master you. Here’s the secret: establish an income ceiling. Enough will never be enough unless you determine how much is enough. So let me ask the question: how much is enough? I know it’s an uncomfortable question. But what would happen if every Christ-follower had the courage to ask and answer that question with biblical integrity? What would happen if every Christ follower personalized that question and specified a dollar amount? What would happen if every Christ follower gave away everything above and beyond their predetermined income ceiling?

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