To Do List

To Do List


This page is for Web Developers only though Administrators can have access to it.  Its purpose is to keep track of things that still need to be done and to keep notes about it.

Features to be Added:

  • Sunday School Attendance
    • Provide application to allow each sunday school class [or small group] to be able to keep attendance and to list the amount collected in donations each week.
    • Attendance can probably all be done using Breeze.
    • Is money collected a separate app or interface.
    • Stockholders: Mark Renner and Seungsoo Jun
      • Secondary Stockholders: Sunday School Teachers and Small Group Leaders.
  • Church Directory
    • Task to interface Church Directory (photos and contact information) that is in Breeze with WordPress Website.
    • Provide Apple and Android Apps to access the same information.
    • Stockholders: Steven F. LeBrun and Debra LeBrun
  • Bus Schedule
    • Is it possible to show the bus schedule as related to the bus stop in front of the church?
    • Is there an API provided by the city that provides this information in real time or as a semi-static schedule?
    • Low priority task
    • Stockholders: Seungsoo Jun

Bugs to Fix:

  • Event Organiser – iCal Feed problem
    • Events that take place at and after 7 pm appear correctly on the Event Organiser calendar while appearing on the next day at the correct time when exported to other iCal calendars.
    • 7PM EST is midnight GMT.  This appears to be a timezone related issue.
    • Track down the problem to Event Organiser file includes/event.php, function eventorganiser_generate_ical_rrule(), line 918.
      • For weekly events, day of the week is shifted based on UTC Day – Local Day.  Which for events at or after 7 pm is a difference of 1 day.
      • Email sent to Stephen Harris, developer for Event Organiser.
  • Event Organiser – Sidebar problem
    • On pages that list upcoming events listed by selected category, the sidebar appears after the events instead of to the right of the events.
    • CSS Issue?