Sharing Our Lives Together

Sharing Our Lives Together

It has been a month since our family moved to Roanoke, VA, and we are truly blessed by the love and invitation of our congregation. Every incident I have had in this area was delightful and inspiring. Our family would like to thank you once more for welcoming us to this faith community. I would love to see future relationships built through sharing our lives together. I would love to be more present in your life, through meeting each member in a one‐on‐one setting and group settings. I would love us to be able to share our lives together. However, I also learn that my time is limited as much as your time can be. So here are some thoughts as we find ways to share our lives together.

  1. Constant Contact: As much as I try my best to contact everyone, I would also want to ask for some help
    approaching me. If you haven’t seen me for awhile, please call and say, ‘I would love to


    meet with you.’ In my effort to reach out to our congregation, this does help me a lot.

  2. Stop by my office for a cup of coffee/ tea: I love coffee, and I am more than happy to
    serve you a fresh brewed coffee. In my office, I have a hand‐drip coffee set (a.k.a pour over).
    Please stop by and ask for a cup of coffee!
  3. Inform me of even the small details of your life: I would love to be involved in your life. Please feel free to
    ask for prayers in even the smallest events in your lives. I would love to pray for the first day your child
    starts school. I would love to pray for your moving day. I would love to pray for you before you head out on
    a business trip, and even on a vacation. Asking for prayer is a way to invite me into your life.

Many of the members in my previous church came to the pastor asking for prayers. There were times when they would ask the pastor to pray for their new car. Not because they believed that only a pastor’s prayer would be valid in front of God granting their safety with their newly purchased vehicle, but it was an act of the members including pastors in their life. Praying over the phone is what I would normally do. However, I would also want to pray for you before and after the Sunday worship. And who knows, I might stop by one day and be there with you.

I would love to grieve with you in the times of difficulties.
I would love to celebrate with you in the times of joy.
And I would love to see how God grows us together, as we share our lives with one another.
In Christ,
Seungsoo Jun (RJ)