Serve the World

Serve the World


Our church supports UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief).
UMCOR is a ministry of The United Methodist Church through the General Board of Global Ministries, whose goal is to assist the most vulnerable persons affected by crisis or chronic need without regard to their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We believe all people have God-given worth and dignity.

UMCOR’s work reaches people in more than 80 countries, including the United States. We provide humanitarian relief when war, conflict, or natural disaster disrupt life to such an extent that communities are unable to recover on their own.

While UMCOR cooperates with other aid organizations to extend our reach, our most important partners are the people we serve. We are confident that successful solutions to emergency or chronic conditions begin with the affected population. UMCOR provides these survivors not only temporary relief but long-term education, training, and support.

UMCOR spends 100 percent of designated donations on the projects our donors specify. When UMCOR donors give their time, money, and supplies, they join UMCOR as the hands and feet of Christ.

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The United Methodist Women (UMW) are groups of women who are part of an organization for teens and women of all ages for Mission. Our purpose reads “The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.”

The Sunday Evening Fellowship Circle is a group of women who meet on the first Sunday evening of every month (unless otherwise decided by the group) in the church library. We furnish a meal for the Community Outreach Program in downtown Roanoke. We take on projects as they arise to help our community. We study books that pertain to Spiritual Growth, Education for Mission, Social Action, and Nurturing for Community. We try to stay informed about the issues women face and do what we can to alleviate problems they have by being active in government. We welcome women of any age to come and join us as we pursue avenues to make the lives of women, children, and youth all over the world (and right in our own backyard) safe and more productive, and to let them know they are a part of God’s Kingdom.

The Frances Allen Circle is a group of women who meet monthly (except July and August) on the first Tuesday morning (10:30 AM – Noon) for programs, fellowship, and mission projects. Programs are local, national, or international in nature pertaining to UMW missions.

Mission statement: We are men of God, drawn by fellowship, united for service and bonded by a desire to grow mentally and spiritually in order to become fishers of men for Christ. The UMM enjoy fellowship throughout the year. Some of our events include:

  • SERVICE PROJECTS: Rebuilding Together, Community Outreach Program (COP) – Providing and serving Supper 1-2 times per year at the Community Outreach Program at Trinity UMC.
  • FUND RAISERS: Brunswick Stew (see below for details) and annual Golf Tournament. Funds raised are usually assigned to specific needs. For instance, the golf tournament is for the benefit of the Interfaith Hospitality Network.


  • Church in The Park – Provide food, preparation and labor to transport, set up and take down tables and chairs for annual RCUMC Church in The Park on the first Sunday in June.
  • Rally Day – Provide food, preparation and labor to set up and take down tables and chairs for annual RCUMC Rally Day Celebration in September.

Brunswick Stew by the RCUMC UMM
For years, annual cooking and selling of Brunswick Stew has been an anticipated and celebrated fund-raiser for the UMM. Funds raised are used for service and mission work by the UMM. The event takes place annually at the Grandin Road Holiday Parade, the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving. Precision scheduling is used so  the stew is cooked to perfection and packaged for pickup during parade time. Prep work (chicken pickin’ and potato peelin’) takes place in the kitchen and lasts a good part of Friday afternoon. Then, around 4:30 A. M. on Saturday, a crew assembles and begins cooking the approximately 80 gallons of stew in two huge pots on the sidewalk in front of the church.

No Malaria

Imagine No Malaria is an extraordinary effort of the people of The United Methodist Church, putting our faith into action to end preventable deaths by malaria in Africa. Together, we can stop a needless killer. Children and youth lead this initiative with spontaneous generosity and joy. Congregations of all sizes faithfully respond when hearing the malaria story and the healing vision. This commitment to fight malaria is the single largest mission ever undertaken by The United Methodist Church. Together, we are changing lives.