[Sermon Series] Restoration

[Sermon Series] Restoration

God’s Dream of Restoration2-14-16_Restoration_Samuel.023

In the Bible, we see God continues to pursue God’s Dream to restore us.
Restoration has a Biblical meaning of restoring 1) God’ Kingdom, 2) God’s people and their difficulties,¬†and 3) their soul, which restores the broken relationship with God.

Are you in a stage of your life needing God’s Restoration? Sick of patching up our problems? Do you want to live for the purpose God has in your life? Need a special hand of God to touch your life or the love ones in your life?
Come and join us in this time of Lent, preparing ourselves for God’s hand to restore us, as we celebrate the life of Jesus Christ on Easter.

Restoration (1): Samuel

Scripture: 1 Samuel 3:1-11