Rally Day – “Reconnect, Love God”

Rally Day – “Reconnect, Love God”

I still struggle with properly pronouncing ‘Raleigh.’ It will take some time for me to get that ‘Rah‐lee’ sound correct. I really like, however, the homonym of our name to ‘Rally.’

One member shared with me how much he loves our church when we ‘Rally’ around a certain purpose. We are a faith community that rallies around a purpose. And Rally Day is a time where we can see how well we rally around a purpose.

Rally Day is the first official event I am involved in planning at this church. We asked some members to help prepare for this event, and all of us are excited to see how God will work through this special day on Sunday, September 13th, 2015. The team decided to focus on structuring the purpose of Rally day. For us to do this, we needed to ask ‘why do we do Rally Day?’

As we answered this question, we learned that Rally Day was not an ordinary event. It is a great start of the second half of the year, and a great time to recommit as a communi‐ ty of disciples. We are called to live in this life as followers of Christ, known as ‘disciples.’ Many times, we tend to forget our call to live this life as a disciple. That is why we need to surround ourselves with other people who have committed their lives to ‘Love God, Love Others, and Transform the World.’

Through worship and fellowship, we want to help all of us, as a church, to rekindle our Love for God. I pray that God will pour out the Holy Spirit to all gathered. And may the Spirit richly bless us, so we will continue to Love our God wholeheartedly.

Remember to mark your calendars. Also use this opportunity to invite your friends and families. Let us glorify God’s name, as we rally around this purpose to Love God more.

In Christ,

Seungsoo Jun (RJ)