Pastor’s Pen – September, 2017

Pastor’s Pen – September, 2017

‘Transforming the World’; Reach Out Challenge 2017

Our calling, as people of God, is to be a blessing to the world. In Genesis 12:1-3, God calls Abraham to reveal God’s promise for the world. ‘I will bless you so that you can be a blessing to the world.’

That has been a thrust for the church to engage in mission works overseas. I am a product of the enthusiasm of the church carrying out God’s mission to all corners of the world. However, during that process, we have misunderstood the definition of ‘world.’

We confined the meaning of the world to ‘overseas mission’ or ‘ reaching out to under privileged communities.’ We are, however, aware that by limiting the world to this definition limits our scope of understanding the mission.

God called us to live a missional life; wherever we go, whatever we do, we should be a blessing to others. Through our love, we pray that the light of Jesus will shine through us, and point them to see God’s presence in their lives. So the definition of the ‘world’ has to be redefined.

The definition of the ‘world’ encompasses both the world outside and the world inside. Yes, we still need to reach out beyond our borders and to the places that are in need. However, we also need to see the world within.

We need to see that we need to be a blessing to our community. The question to ask is ‘Am I becoming a blessing to the people around me?’ and ‘Is our church becoming a blessing to this community.’ We can become a blessing through loving and serving others, and we are doing it together, for the kingdom.

This can happen in many ways. A Christian in the work field, carrying out his/her job in the kingdom perspective can be a blessing to the world. A person who volunteers for the community can be a blessing to the world. A person who serves in the choir can be a blessing to God’s people coming to worship, which ultimately a blessing to the world. A person who is aware of the need for others, to pray and reach out can be a blessing to the world. A person sharing the Gospel with others can become a blessing to the other person’s world.

So we are calling all God’s people for a challenge. On Rally Weekend, we will start a ‘Reach Out Challenge 2017.’ We want to see how our members can reach out to the world, our life, and community, to become a blessing. We will ask you to log your service hours and see if we can dedicate 2017 hours of service, blessing the world. Your time serving our church, community, or any relief efforts can be offered. We pray that we will be able to collect more than 2017 hours, by November 19th, which is our Stewardship Sunday. It will be a sign that our responsibility, as stewards, is not limited to money, but goes beyond.

So are you up for this challenge?


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