Meet the First Light Band

Meet the First Light Band

Julie Barrette

Julie has been a member of RCUMC since 2003.  She loves to sing and has a passion for helping others worship God through music. Julie is the coordinator of the First Light Band.

Emily Nester

Emily has been a member of RCUMC for over 20 years. She is skilled in paper mache, cookie baking, and the secret art of ninja fighting. She is less skilled in singing, but continues to schlep herself into church at the crack of dawn each month to belt it out for the glory of God.

Mark Realmuto

Mark has been a member of RCUMC for the past 6 years. When he is not singing in the first light band he is an Occupational Therapist at the VA medical center in Salem.

John DiLauro

John started playing drums in high school, influenced by bands like Boston, Journey, Molly Hatchet. and REO Speedwagon.  He met his gorgeous wife Pamela in 1982. She only dated him because he was a drummer with a full head of hair. In 1986 they married and have two terrific sons, Evan and Jake.

Patrick Vaughan

Patrick has played guitar in the First Light Praise Band since the service started in late 2013 and he’s played guitar a total of 6 years. He loves to fish, golf, and play basketball when he’s not playing his guitar.

Izzy Crawford

Izzy is a guitarist and is a student at Patrick Henry High School.

Steven McConchie

Steven started playing guitar in 2005 and has been learning ever since. He is a Roanoke native, husband to Becca, freshly minted father to Anthony, and stick chucker to Zeus (his Australian Shepherd).

Monty is a singer and guitarist.

David Tanner

David is a retired United Methodist pastor and avid Hokies fan!

Hill Donihe

Hill is a singer and guitarist.

Emily Whitaker

Emily is a singer.

Photos courtesy of R. Edward Cake