[Daily Devotion] January 3rd, 2018

[Daily Devotion] January 3rd, 2018

Today's Scripture

God’s covenant- Genesis 9:1-7

Today’s Reading Schedule: Genesis 8-11

God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, “Be fertile, multiply, and fill the earth. All of the animals on the earth will fear you and dread you—all the birds in the skies, everything crawling on the ground, and all of the sea’s fish. They are in your power. Everything that lives and moves will be your food. Just as I gave you the green grasses, I now give you everything. However, you must not eat meat with its life, its blood, in it.

I will surely demand your blood for a human life,
        from every living thing I will demand it.
From humans, from a man for his brother,
        I will demand something for a human life.
Whoever sheds human blood,
        by a human his blood will be shed;
for in the divine image
        God made human beings.

As for you, be fertile and multiply. Populate the earth and multiply in it.”

RJ's Devotion


V. 1-4 God blesses Noah and his sons, because of their faithfulness. God re-establishes the blessing of Adam toward Noah.
V. 5-7 However, God says not to shed any blood from another human. Then confirms the promise by saying.

“You’re here to bear fruit, reproduce, lavish life on the Earth, live bountifully!” (v. 7 The Message)

What Does the passage Mean to Me/US?

Reenacting the covenant
After Noah and his sons offer God an offering of thanksgiving, God reenacts the covenant.
The obedience of the family, representing human nature, is what God wanted.
God blessed the family with the blessing that God gave to Adam.
Then God talks about the meaning of blood, and how it represents the Image of God. Later, we know that God uses Jesus’ blood to restore the image of God in us.
God is a God who is more focused on God’s people coming back on track to living in a relationship with God.
This relationship does require obedience, and it is a way for us to restore the distorted image of God in our lives.
God is calling us, every day.


Lord, we see how you reinstate your promise with your people. Let our lives be submerged in your love. And may we see how you are calling us, into a relationship, every day.  In Christ Name, we pray, AMEN

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