Cultural Immersion Trip to Korea

Cultural Immersion Trip to Korea

Thank you for your interest in our first overseas mission/ cultural immersion trip.

A couple of months ago, I had the heart to seek ways and possibilities to have an overseas trip with our members. Why overseas? Sometimes it is good for us to step out of our comfort zone and explore a different culture. Especially, when it is a mission trip, we are exposed to how others serve our Lord, from various cultures. I believe these experiences are formational in our spiritual journeys.

As I was praying and searching for God’s will, there were two options. One was to serve and experience a mission trip to South America. However, all the contacts I had were on a Sabbatical or filled up.
So even though I was hesitant for a while, I called the church I served in Korea, regarding the English camp they have in summer. They were also in need of support to continue this ministry and were excited that our church will consider joining hands with them.

So I presented this idea to our Council, and they approved this trip.

We will be serving and leading an English camp, hosted by Holy Flames Methodist Church, serving children in the age of 5-9 years old. We will also have some cultural immersion experience to understand better where I come from.

Join us in this exciting step forward in our ministry. We pray that you will be able to respond to this call of God, to step out of your comfort zone. I do have to ask you to respond promptly due to the rising ticket prices.

May God’s will be done on this trip.

In Christ,

  • Who: Members of Raleigh Court United Methodist Church, called by God, are welcomed to join this trip.
  • Dates: July 28th, 2016 (Thursday) – August 11th, 2016 (Thursday) – to find the cheapest airfares, dates are subject to change.
  • Cost: $1,500 – Each will be responsible for covering their airfares, through personal contribution+donations
  • Where: Holy Flames Methodist Church English Camp (Aug 1st – 5th) and various places in Korea.
  • There will be 4-5 prep meetings for this trip.
  • Contact RJ (540-556-1188 or email  if you are interested in this trip. The sooner you make your mind, the better.

Tentative Schedule

  • Travel to Korea: July 26th, 2016
  • Friday, July 28th, 2016: Arrival in Korea, settle in to host family/ JSA tour
  • Saturday, July 30th, 2016: Join Korean Youth Retreat
  • Sunday, July 31st, 2016: Participate Korean Church worship, Prepare for English Camp
  • Monday, August 1st – Friday, Aug 5th: Lead English Camp at Holy Flames Methodist Church
  • Saturday, August 10th – Tuesday or Thursday: Cultural immersion
  • Travel back to States: August 10th, 2016

How Much would it cost?

It will depend on how much the ticket is. The date we are leaving is the high peak season, and even with the low oil price, the tickets are relatively high. However, we believe that through fundraising, God will help us to meet our goal. Remember we should be called to take this leap of faith. For now, the cheapest ticket I found was around $1,400, and it might go up.

What are our responsibilities for this trip?

The biggest responsibility will be leading the English camp (Aug. 1-5th/ Mon-Friday 9 am – 2 pm). Holy Flames church started this ministry since 2013. At this camp, many Korean parents send their children to be exposed to an atmosphere to speak English. We teach Christian songs in English, and also Bible stories in English. We can share the love of Jesus Christ through our service.

What experience do I need?

Experience serving a Vacation Bible School is essential. If you never been exposed in serving, you may join us serving our VBS at Raliegh Court, before this trip.

Preparation training

There will be 4-5 preparation training. The training will cover 1) helping you to focus your heart on God’s will, 2) provide support and plan fundraising, 3) basic introduction to Korean culture.
Want to go deeper? Our church is planning to host a ‘Korean Class,’ this Spring. This will be a basic Korean Alphabet class, for the Korean Children in this community. You are welcomed to join this class.

More Questions? Please email RJ (